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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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you like. and now the federal guidelines could pressure more to hire with criminal backgrounds. equal opportunities says individuals cannot reject those behind bars. one on the commission voted against the new guidelines calling them unfair, commissioner constance barker who says the approval process shows an utter blatant lack of transparency. we'll follow this for you. before we go, let's move fox fax forward. looking ahead to some of the big stories coming up this week on tuesday, the senate finance committee is scheduled to vote on jack lew's nomination to be treasury secretary and the pope officially resigns, the first in 600 years to do so. on friday, march 1st, the day we've been telling you about, automatic across the board spending cuts set to kick in, unless both democrats and republicans can reach a deal
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in order to avoid it. and on this day in 1980, the u.s. hockey team beat finland and taking home olympic gold in lake placid. two days earlier, the united states beat the soviet union in what is still knowns miracle on ice. our producer and i love a good game of hockey, don't you maria. she just said yes. one team in the way of olympic gold, finland. the fins took an early lead, but the u.s. struck back, scoring three goals in the third period, the final score 4-2 and a group of american amateurs took home olympic gold 33 years ago today. can't you still hear them cheering? that's how fox reports on this sunday, february 24th, 2013. i'm harris falkner, have a fantastic week. and in about four seconds, huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. >> i will veto any effort to
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get rid of those automatic spending cuts. >> he was for it before he was against it. >> these cuts known here in washington as sequestration are a bad idea. >> but now he's blaming republicans. senator lindsey graham on the sequestration showdown and how is our government defending us from cyber attacks? >> we have, the u.s. governor set up lawn chairs and told the burglars where the silver is and opened a case of beer and watched them do it. >> house intelligence chair michael rogers, and attacks that could send the united states back to the stone age. >> that's why we have call boxes, that's why we have safe zones, that's were we have the whistles. >> whistles? tonight why women explain why they would rather stick to their guns to defend themselves. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (cheer (cheers) >> thank you, very much.
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grit audience here in new york and welcome to huckabee from the fox studios in new york city. okay, it's oscar weekend and the film world prepares to honor the best of hollywood. last year, just weeks after the amazing meryl streep appeared on this very show, she was named best actress for her spot-on performance as lady margaret thatcher in iron lady. look, i'm pretty sure that her being on huckabee was what put her over the top. [applause]. i can i can't prove that and if bradley cooper wins for silver lining play book, it's certainly his appearance on this show for the stature he needed to be as a great actor and truly gracious person. now, bradley in your acceptance speech you don't have to mention anything about our interview and its role in getting to the oscar, i'm just
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glad to be of help. i just wish i had been able to get hugh jackman or anne hathaway on the show last month because that would have nailed oscars for their performances in "les mis".." actually i sill hopes "les mis" wins the best picture because the success at the box office is a win for american film audiences. i saw the broadway play a few years ago and then saw the screen version a couple of months ago. now, it's what movies are made for. i sat stunned when at the end of the show, the friday night audience in new york of all places applauded. applauded a movie. even in cynical and not so religious new york, the audience was so moved by this powerful story of redemption, that their spontaneous reaction was to wildly applaud. okay, it's the familiar story about a man who paid far more than reasonable to cover his crimes, only to find out that
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some people aren't as for giving as god. okay, i'm not going to ruin the film by telling you all the scenes, but this was a story about faith, about forgiveness, about unselfish behavior, and about grace and rehe deposition. hardly the heart and soul of most hollywood films. but a packed theater needed the message of hope a whole lot more than two hours and more bombs, bad boys and bullets flying. i'd love to see "les mis" win best picture because then maybe hollywood would be reminded that there is a market for wholesome, thought provoking and family friendly movies. >> 32 years ago, america was just getting used to its new president, ronald reagan, he came into office amidst the raging economic down turn, a military that was demorallized and a population of americans who really were feeling pretty let down. he was a fine or atore and communicator, but dismissed by
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liberals as some old mediocre hollywood actor, but ronald reagan's skillful governing, clarity of his convictions and courage to stand on principle paved the way for the end of the soviet union and communism. and he helped the economy get back on his feet. yes, he was an actor who left that job to ultimately become president, from politics to acting. and now 32 years later we have a person in the office who once was a politician, but now is an actor. (laughter) pretending it be president enacver the very sequestration bill that he proposed just two years ago. you see, i liked it bet are when hollywood actors became great leader than when chicago politicians became great actors. [applause] well, the president has been blaming republicans in the upcoming march 1st deadline when sequestration will take effect, but how many
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americans really know what sequestration is. to find out we sent red eye's bill schultz out in the streets to find out. >> sequestering when you take a jury and put them away from press or media so they can't figure out what's going on. >> you my lady have now arrived. and what's the givens between sequestering and president obama. >> you have me. >> do i have you, are you single. >> what's sequestering. >> an across street. >> 48th and 6th. >> what is it. >> i don't know. >> good answer i don't know myself. >> and it's important that we do in our daily lives. >> are you a politician? 'cause that was a good answer. >> sequestering. >> no, that sounds like a horse. sequestering. >> sounds like a horse. >> and there's a sequestering problem with the government and take your taxpayer money and spend it through congress
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the way they want not what we want. >> this is one informed gentleman. >> what is semestering. >> semestering, you would know that better than i. >> it's when you have odd behavioral problems or bad grades. and to use it in a senence, bill schultz was semestering a lot. >> and congress semesters a lot themselves because they behavior immaturely. >> you dirty dog! i like your style. >> mike: well, sequestering is a big name for billions in automatic spending cuts, and scheduled to go into effect on friday and that's unless a deal is reached. the president says it will lead to layoffs for hundreds of thousands of pentagon employees, first responders, airport security personnel and thousands of other federal workers. and joining me now to talk about it, south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, it's great to have you (applause). >> and the sequestration has become such a political theater over the last few days and a lot of the republicans are saying, let's just let the
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president have it and see what he can do with it. is that a good idea? what do you propose to do -- or to do about sequestering? >> well, number one, the reason it's a bad idea, it did he have straits tdevastates the military. and this idea that republicans have of let it go into effect and watch the president fix it is really not leadership. don't you think that's what's wrong with washington? i thought we were the party of fiscal responsibility. the republican house passed a replacement for sequestration and our democratic friends are going to raise taxes which is a bad idea. i think that republican senators should put a plan on the table rather than turning the government over to barack obama to find the cuts and just watch him do whatever he'd like. i don't like that proposal at all. >> so, do you plan to work with some of your republican colleagues in the senate. >> yes. >> put a plan on the table and say, here it is, mr. president, this is our
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plan? >> there you go. well, i want to get my republican colleagues to come up with pa plan and if we start laying people off and you get furloughed one day out of five where you don't get paid. mms members of congress, we should have our pay docked. if we're asking defense contractors and others because we can't find 1 trillion over the next decade. and fire the poll significaniti not the soldiers. >> and i think most americans would applaud just as they are here in the studio today. you voted against a bill that authorized sequestration, the president was the one who proposed it. >> right. >> i want to play a little videotape about the president speaking about this two years ago. >> already some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple, no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic
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spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. >> this was his idea. yet, all of this past he's been travelling all over the country blaming republicans. does he have a lapse of memory or just being dishonest where this came from? >> well, he's disingenuous on this as he is a lot of things. and sequestration, this is what i'm disappointed in, you mentioned ronald reagan 30 years ago, where did the party of ronald reagan go, how could the republican party agree to a solution if he failed at the super committee member to define savings we would gut the defense department as the solution again and fire the politicians not the soldiers, but he's the commander-in-chief, i'm not. how could any commander-in-chief preside over the military when the it's on fire. have you noticed the news lately there's not a peace dividend. no he's very disingenuous and i'm mad at my republican
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colleagues and working that won't destroy the defense department. we can do it without destroying the military and if we sit down and do the hard work. the president should have us in the white house, instead of blaming us, fixing the problem. >> mike: senator, we've heard the president say first responders will be laid off. long waits at airports. how much of this is just pure hyperbole of what's going to happen? we're talking 2% of the federal budget and it may have a big impact on the military, but let's face it, most households are doing with a lot less than 2% they had. >> and it's designed to scare people, but on the defense side it's real. if you implement sequestration we'll lose the ability to modernize our force and the navy down do 285, smallest
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since 1940, and cutting people out of the army smallest air force in modern history. on the defense side it's real, but you'll never convince me we can't find 1.2 trillion and spend 45 trillion over the next decade without destroying the defense department. a lot of this is scare tactics. republicans might lead. we should have an alternative and rather saying that president obama you go fix this by yourself? >> i really don't trust the president to fix it by himself. >> nor do i. >> he asked for new taxes and he got them in exchange for promising to cut spending. there have been no spending cuts, zero, now he wants more taxes. >> right. >> senator, this is, if the republicans cave-in on this, you know, and say mr. president womr. mr. president we'll give you some more taxes, he hasn't put it on the table. we might as well quit. >> the only thing we could in a serious way, the defense department. 489 billion taken out. 1.2 trillion in new taxes from obamacare.
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600 billion dollars in new taxes from the fiscal cliff deal. we do not need to raise taxes to take sequestration. the next time i would put revenue on the table, mike, to flatten the tax code, make it simple. make it fair. lower rates for entitlement reforms and the next time a republican should agree to do revenue when the democrats fix entitlements. do the big deal. mr. president, have a legacy worthy of being president. do the big deal. quit playing small ball. >> mike: senator, it's always a pleasure to have you and let me just close by saying thank you for the courageous stand you've taken in trying to cope us from just automatically confirming chuck hagel and john brennan without at least getting some answers on benghazi. thank you, sir, for holding fast and i hope you'll continue. [applause] >> it's great to have you here. >> we'll get to the bottom of this, mike, thank you very much. >> the chinese government is denying it had anything to do with the hacking of over 100
5:15 pm
american companies's computer systems. how vulnerable are we to further and more devastating cyber attacks? the chairman of house intelligence committee, mike rogers will tell us when we come back. >> i'd like to hear from you, go to my website, and tell me what you think in the leave feedback section or sign it by my facebook page and follow me on twitter and find the link to them and more on
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♪ >> obama administration officials said the government is working on improving the cyber security in the u.s. that's in response to attacks that have been linked to the chinese government. that's on 115 american companies. so far the attacks haven't really affected most of the u.s. but, with a click of a mouse, hackers could shut down our electric grids, miss around with air traffic control, maybe even access the launch codes. it could happen.
5:19 pm
and my next guest says we're just not prepared. joining me is michigan congressman and chairman. house intelligence committee congressman mike rogers. thank you for joining us today. >> governor, thanks for having me. [applause] >> how urgent is the issue with cyber security in the u.s.? >> well, i will tell you it's not just 115 companies. it's gone well beyond that. so there are two companies left in america, governor, those that have been hacked and know it and those that have been hacked and don't know it. i have never seen such a prolific exponentially growing problem na the united states is not prepared to handled and that's chinese coming into our networks, stealing intellectual properties, the blueprints that make your company valuable taking it back to china and repurposing it and competing against our u.s. companies in the international market. one american company was hacked. very large manufacturing company, most people would know it. argue that because of the theft, chinese theft took it
5:20 pm
back, recopied their product and now is competing against them, 25,000 u.s. manufacturing jobs lost because of it. >> mike: why aren't we doing something more about it? this is not something i'm hearing every day, this is huge. >> it is huge. >> why don't we hear more about this, congressman? >> a couple of reasons, number one, companies were reluctant to talk about t hours was the first committee about two years ago to come out and name china as the number one intellectual property or economic espionage actor in the world. we've never seen anything like it in the history of the world, by the way. the companies were reluctant to come forward and i couldn't get someone to come forward and testify at the committee for fear of retribution in china. and we had an odd confluence of events companies saying hey, i don't want talk about tmight hurt my stock prices in wall street and might hurt my ability to raise capital and i don't want the chinese to come after us again.
5:21 pm
we kept pushing this envelope until now this report that you referenced shows just how serious the chinese espionage is and we need to wake up and wake up today. we're in a cyber war with countries like china, iran, others and we're losing, mike, that's the problem. >> it sounds like we're held hostage bye china and literally holding businesses and their future for ransom for all practice cal purposes. let's tuck about what can a hacker potentially do to the electric grid in a way that would affect not just some business in manufacturing, but every american citizen. >> yeah, here is something to remember. most americans are familiar with the criminal side of it, people trying to steal your identity and break into the bank account. this is a much more sophisticated level than that. a nation state like rush sia and iran part of the military planning if they were going to have some aggressive offensive operation they would first
5:22 pm
come in and shut down your ability to -- your electric grid, so he all of your electricity could go would go out and shut down your access to the financial institutions and grocery store no electricity and no way to repair it soon and you know what damage that can done. the financial services sector, people wouldn't have access to cash and other things, it would cause huge massive proms and we know that china has that as a part of their capability. and the report, first real public, it was a private company, but republican report on the kind of things they were prepared to do was exactly that. so, trying to create chaos, we used to call it prepping the battlefield when i was in the army with artillery shells and airplanes bombing, now ne would do it with cyber attacks of epic proportions. >> mike: i appreciate your vigilance on this. thank you for opening up our eyes, i don't think the average american has ever
5:23 pm
heard some of the scenarios played out. >> thanks, governor, appreciate it. >> mike: the president, vice-president and most democrats are pushing for gun control. a growing number of women across america are gun owners. more than 5 million. two of nthem are going to tell us next and tell us why. stay with us. [applause]. uble-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious!
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(applause) >> last week, colorado democrat joe salazar made some stunning comments while arguing for a ban on concealed weapons on college campuses. >> that's why we have call boxes. that's why we have safe zones. that's why we have the whistles. because you just don't know who you're going to be shooting at.
5:27 pm
and you don't know if you feel like you're going to be raped or if you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be that you pop out that gun and you pop, pop around at somebody. >> mike: okay, salazar has since apologized for his comments. do you think? but he still stands for a gun ban. my next guests have pretty good arguments to prove why the colorado lawmaker is wrong. joining me is julia crowder, a girl and a gun, a shooting league and a mother of two young children and a competitive shooter. >> and julie start with you. you hear the comments by this senator or representative out in colorado and i scratch my head and say, good heavens, what is it that he doesn't get? >> he doesn't get that it's offensive. condescending, disrespectful
5:28 pm
of women in general to assume that we don't have the ability to know when we are in danger or to trust our fear instincts and that we're not capable of using a firearm to defend ourselves, if that, god forbid, could happen to be the last resort. >> you heard this a few weeks ago, we were hearing that women need to be in combat, they were just as confident then and now we're going to send them into combat with only a whistle. and this was amazing. how did you react when you heard his comments? >> well, i'm really kind of upset by the comments because for me it shows that he's never talked to a rape victim. he's never talked to a person who actually uses a gun for self-defense because a gun for self-defense is the last line of defense. if you have a whistle, great. but if that doesn't work, can you find the safe zone? great. but really, i just think that the idea that, you know, as a person, i can't make the
5:29 pm
decision to protect myself is crazy and he hasn't done any research. >> and brook, this is very personal to you. and i don't mean to open a very tough wound, but tell us why this is deeply personal and something more than abstract. >> all right when i was a teenager, i was gang raped by over ten boys. and you know, he talks about safe zones. and it's like, when you look at limited statistics that you can have on rape anywhere from 60 to 80%, you already think you're in a safe zone when you're being raped. family and friends, not some guy in a dark alley for the most part. >> jewulie anna, you've seen a huge surge of women obtaining firearms and learning how to use them. is that why you started the organization you did, a girl and a gun? >> well, actually i was just
5:30 pm
desiring to have more women joining me at the shooting range, doing anything from target practice to taking a class to joining me in the action shooting sports and i thought if i made it a fun, social, stress-free environment that they would come be more willing to learn and be more excited learning to participate in what we consider to be a male dominated sports. by having girls night out at the shooting range and all girl time. get comfortable with the firearm and learn some skill sets and we've been extremely successful just in two years, 11 states, 26 chapters and over 930 members right now that just of love coming together as women and helping each other learn and shoot guns and look at it as a hoip as well as self-defense. >> mike: you know, both of you are young attractive women and don't fit the stereo type that people say, well, some women they want to shoot guns and they want to tear a bear apart
5:31 pm
with their bare hands. and i just want to make it clear you guys look pretty doggone normal to me. have you had friends come up to you, what are you, nuts? you want to shoot guns? >> i have people ask me what i'm afraid of. i'm not afraid of anything because i pay attention what's going on around me and i'm prepared for several situations i may face at any point in my life. and i do get in the response of you shoot guns? i would have never guessed that you were an action shooter. and even in the airport when we have to check in our guns and you know, the ticket agency said, you the shoot guns? yeah, here they are right here. getting ready to be checked in. >> brook, your own personal experience certainly covers a lot of this, but you have two children as well. i mean, does. >> yeah. >> a part of you says i don't want to be a victim ever again? >> well, there's a part of me that says i don't want to be a victim, but the other part is
5:32 pm
just, it's another skill. it's no different than playing golf. and it's one of those things where my husband travels. i know it takes half an hour for a state trooper to get to my house when the alarm goes off and i have two precious lives to protect the at home. so, i want to make sure that not only is my family safe, my children understand how to handle firearms, but to make sure that i am safe and it's just important to me as a skill to just get better at it and better at it and training all the time. he so, i find fun finding other women at the clubs as well. >> mike: i want to thank both of you for being here, julie anna and brook and sounds like for you gun control doesn't seem to be the answer or maybe i should say gun control for you is using two hands and aiming. >> thank you. and new york mayor rushes to
5:33 pm
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beer 0 >> from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. an emotional day at the vatican as pope benedict xvi makes his last appearance, giving his blessing from the apartment window as an estimated 100,000 faithful cheered in the square. and the pope steps down on thursday, and now the catholic church replacing a retiring pope for the first time in 600 years. jimmie johnson wins the second daytona 500 race of his career. danica patrick now the first woman to lead a lap in the race, 8th, the best finish ever by a woman. and nascar had to clean up the track after the nationwide series crackup.
5:37 pm
left over 30 hurt when it flew through the fences and landed in the stands and nearly everybody is out of the hospital and that's a blessing. harris falkner, now, right away back to huckabee. >> mike: the president and his administration have been under increased scrutiny for lack of transparency to the white house press corps. they've been finding way to aavoid tough questions and last weekend completely shut the media out of the president's golf outing with tiger woods. michael bloomberg's defense of the president kicks off our thoughts of the week. i don't know why the president has to have people watch what he does. you take a vacation occasionally, you don't work 24/7 he works very hard and certainly has a right to his private life. mayor, i agree the president is on call 24 hours a day, i don't begrudge him a vacation, that's fine. if he wants to play golf with tiger woods, fine. except, except he when the
5:38 pm
rest of the week he goes out and tells us all that the country is it about to absolutely collapse because of obama-geddon. obama-geddon based on sequestration. if it's true, standing in long lines to get on an airplane, longer than we already do. if it's true it that somehow the fizz will go out of our sodas, because of sequestration, don't you think that rather than playing golf ap travelling around the country complaining about republicans, maybe it would be a better idea to get back to washington and sit down with some of them, look them in the eye and talk about how to solve the problem, not simply how to describe it. leadership, mr. president, not about vacation and when you get your job done, then you take the vacation and most of us that's the way it works, work first and then vacation, and not vacation and if we get around to it we show up for work. that's the problem. mr. mayor, i hope you understand that as well. well--
5:39 pm
(applause) >> in the latest example of how ridiculous our airline security system has become, the tsa screener drove a three-year-old wheelchair bound girl to tears. >> and you can't touch my daughter and recording it. >> and >> and that breaks my heart. poor little three-year-old girl has spina bifida in a wheelchair and the parents are taking her to disney and we not only have to check her, but her wheelchair, too. i'm sympathetic with the idea that we want to be safe. i get that. i want to make sure we take every precaution we can, but when you're dealing with a he three-year-old to treat them as if they're under arrest? can we not just use a little
5:40 pm
bit, i mean, just a little bit of common sense and not only treat the little girl with some respect, but treat her parents with some as well and maybe if you're going to put your hands on the little girl, you don't do it without letting the parents be in charge of the whole process so that you don't scare the day lights out of a he three-year-old to the point she's crying and saying she doesn't want to go to disney world anymore. and we all understand the need for something like tsa, i don't know any of us who believe somehow we're safer because we take the three-year-old in a wheelchair and we put our hands all over her, scare her to death, and make her cry. do you think it makes us safe? fine, please explain it to me. i don't get. in the ban of the so-called assault weapons, vice-president joe biden has a way to protect yourself from the bad guys. >> we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded
5:41 pm
and said, jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here or walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, who ever is coming in-- you don't need ar-15's, it's hard tower aim, harder to use and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun. >> mike: go to joe's shotgun emporium and first of all, did you notice the guy sitting by him? it's like verballizing it you could read his mind saying, is this guy for real? all right. joe says, buy a shotgun. well, that's terrific. his advice to his wife was go out on the balcony and i guess in the words of joe salazar of colorado pop a few rounds. one little problem joe didn't
5:42 pm
check out. in delaware, where his home is, it is a felony to go out on the balcony and pop a few rounds. (laughter) joe, you might ought to check on that before you invite your wife to go out and spend some time in the pokey because she followed your advice to protect herself and hope whoever is breaking in has more shots than she has in her double barreled shotgun. thanks, mr. vice-president for the great advice. >> (applause) >> it was prices are through the roof and you know that, can anything be done to slow them down. >> we'll find out from gerri willis and charlie gasperino. stay with us. atters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent.
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>> each weak day here my commentary, mike huckabee report and my show in details, gas prices have been driving the rates higher than any since spring of 2005. the average national price of a gallon of gas has gone up the past month. how much higher can and will it go? well, can anything be done to stop this stuff? joining me is charlie gasperino and gerri willis. good to have you guys here. gerri, gas prices have jumped 45 cents just in the past 20 or 31 days. why? >> well, this is the highest we've seen them at this time of year ever and what the pros say there's a reformmation of
5:47 pm
the blending going on and that raises prices, but in reality, the refineries are having problems shutting down. it's pa aging infrastructure. for example, we're just shutting down in refinery in new jersey this weekend up and down the atlantic seaboard it's causing real problems. >> mike: charlie, the president in 2008 said the president then, bush, should be able to do something about the high gas prices by the way a lot less than they are now. can this president now do something about it? >> well, we should point out some of this is out of his control. remember, oil is traded on a commodities market and when you have interest rates low, vaefrts will buy up other commodities. >> mike: explain what you mean about that that's over the med-- >> interest rates alone, a return on a bond is a lot less than returns on the stocks and why stocks are going up. >> mike: okay. >> a lot less than your return on commodities, guess what, people buy commodities, that drives up the price of oil and hence drives up the price of gasoline. so, some of this is out of its
5:48 pm
control. it's a function of interest rate powell by the said and that said, how do you counter act that? >> well, the only way as far as i know is increase the supply and if you increase the supply, gas prices will go down no matter what the price-- i've heard the president made a bizarre remark, this is a global market and bought overseas and prices don't build out, but lower than they would be otherwise. >> what are the ways we could do that, keystone pipeline talked about, but off shore drilling, lightning up some of the regulations. >> absolutely, and quit knocking on this industry. the president has been talking about the special tax perks the industry gets. let me tell you, exxon in the fourth quarter paid 23 billion dollars in taxes and they're paying their fair share. if you want to go after somebody, go after facebook this we cannot paying any federal taxes whatsoever. >> we should point out that higher gasoline prices is a regress seive tax on the american people, it's not just-- i mean, we talk about the oil
5:49 pm
companies getting away with murder. when you pay more for gasoline, the average guy, the poor guy and all the same. it's not progressive where he hits rich people more than other people. >> and 77% of americans saw their paychecks go down and taxes go up the first of the year because of payroll taxes. we've had companies like wal-mart react to it. what's going on in the marketplace. >> nobody could plan for this, nobody could see it coming, a true surprise he when it ticked over the beginning of the year. if you make 65,000 in the country you've got a $1300 hair cut and that's meaningful for people out there. >> nice hair cut, oh, my goodness, it's a lot of money, 110 billion dollars out of the entire xhu, so, retailers out there who rely on the dollars, they're hurting, they're changing their strategies because of this. >> it wasn't quite a surprise. this is where-- >> it was a surprise to regular people. >> it shouldn't have been, if you were watching the fox business network, we talked
5:50 pm
about. >> mike: there they go. >> incessantly about how everybody, average people, including rich people who were going to get a tax increase, and it was ignored by the new york times and mainstream media, don't ask me why. this is really bad 'cause listen, you could talk about the stock market going up all you want. i think it's a technical factor against the interest rates and why put your money in bonds when you can put your money in stocks and what's happening because of the payroll tax increase is that retailers are saying, that assumption is going to slow down. and what happens when the assumption slows down. the economy slows down, a huge part of gdp. >> gerri, the president thinks we need more tax toss deal with sequestration, is that an answer? >> it just baffles me, why do we need more taxes right now? we've got an economy where unemployment is at highs, people are enduring new payroll taxes, new obamacare taxes and the last thing that this economy needs is higher taxes. we're barely sticking along and the fourth quarter growth
5:51 pm
was negative. higher taxes are only going to get the economy worse not better. >> it's duplicitous the way he flames the argument. he frames the argument let's close the loopholes and that's what tax reform is about. no, mr. president, tax reform is talking all the tax rates down, right. so people can spend more than businesses can invest more and then closing the loopholes so you don't create this absurd conditions where people invest in certain ways because the government wants them to. that's tax reform not what he's doing here. >> i've got an answer, gerri and charlie for congress, that's part of the answer. >> no way!. >> mike: the campaign starts today. >> no, way. >> mike: i think both of you are way too smart for that. thank you both for being here. nice to have you. >> anytime. [applause] >> "les mis" is nominated for best picture at the oscars this weekend. coming up, a special performance of the musical's signature song.
5:52 pm
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5:55 pm
>> this weekend, hommy wood's best celebrate is. >> mike: this weekend hollywood's best celebrate the 85th academy awards and the spirit of the oscars, mark mcvey held the lead role of "les mis" longer than anyone in bring way. >> and signature song, "bring him home" and this is mike huckabee from new york and leave you with this magnificent song from the film. ♪ god on high ♪ ♪ hear my prayer ♪
5:56 pm
♪ in my need, you have always been there ♪ ♪ ♪ he is young ♪ ♪ he's afraid ♪ ♪ let him rest ♪ ♪ heaven blessed ♪ ♪ bring him home ♪ ♪ bring him home ♪ ♪ bring him home ♪ ♪ he's like the son i might have known ♪ ♪ if god had granted me a
5:57 pm
son ♪ ♪ the summers die one by one ♪ ♪ how soon they fly ♪ ♪ on and on ♪ ♪ and i am old and will be gone ♪ ♪ you can take ♪ ♪ you can can give ♪ ♪ let him be ♪ ♪ let him live ♪ ♪ if i die, let me die ♪
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